FAM Tour

    The program consists of major attractions of Seoul and Korea. You can choose from either 1 day tour or 1.5 day tour.
    Through the tour, you will be able to get a profound experience of Korea’s cultural and novel content from Seoul, Incheon, Gyeonggi, Gangwon, Chungbuk. You can apply for the tour on the website, and each tour accommodates up to 20 participants to ensure smooth progress.

    Quota per tour : Minimum and Maximum Number for Departure: 10-20

    Fee (to be partly borne by participants) : $0 (the fee includes meals and admission fees, and does not include snacks or personal expenses)

    Due date for application : 6pm, May 10 (Friday), 2019





    Departure from Hotel


    Cultural Tank




    Seoul Botanic Park


    Arrive at Gimpo Airport


    Arrive at Incheon Airport

    * The above schedules are subject to change.


    • Cultural Tank

      After being used as an oil tank for 41 years, the culture tank was reborn by recycling the tanks that was left over. The 5 tanks were transformed into a performance hall, an exhibition hall, and pavillions, while one newly transformed tank became an information center. With a temporary parking lot turned into a culture yard, where visitors can enjoy various activities while exploring the area.

    • Seoul Botanic Park

      Located in Magok, Gangseo-gu, Seoul Botanic Park is the first facility in Seoul to combine botanical garden and park in one space. A space where a forest, garden, lake, and marsh coexist together, Seoul Botanic Park's theme zone houses plants representing 12 major cities around the world. Seoul Botanic Park was created to advance the urban ecology of Seoul and will display plants from 12 cities around the world. As part of an effort to expand green spaces around the city, this facility offers educational programs on top of hosting cultural events, serving as a space where city residents can get back in touch with nature.