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  • Inbound(Overseas Buyer)AsiaChina




    • Inbound(Overseas Buyer)AsiaChina



      Zhejiang everbright mingyue travel agency co., LTD., whose office is located at room 401-2, floor 4, building 1, huahong building, 238 tianmushan road, xihu district, hangzhou. Our travel agency mainly provides domestic tourism business, inbound tourism business and outbound tourism business (operating with permit). Ticketing agent (excluding aviation), conference services, hotel management services, economic information consulting. ,

      • Inbound(Overseas Buyer)AsiaChina



        Zhanjiang Kanghui is a subsidiary of China Kanghui. It was established in January 2015. It has established marketing department, Meiya department, group department, parent-child department, major customer department and business office in Zhanjiang area. Wuchuan outlet department and Lianjiangmen market have been established. Ministry, Xuwenmen City Department, Mingzhemen City Department, Kangshunmen City Department and Sports Nanmen City, in line with the service concept of providing more, better and more convenient tourism products for the majority of tourists, the goal of "big tourism, new Kanghui" keep trying.

        • Inbound(Overseas Buyer)AsiaThailand

          Zanda Convention & Fair Tour Co., Ltd. has been established since 1988. Our services: Technical Visits for Group Tour, Specialist in Incentive, Ground Handling and Tailor-made program. We have developed and continue to develop more and more new creative products such as Medical Tour, Plastic Surgery etc. Target group: Group / Meeting/ Luxury Traveler / Incentive Business Focus: MICE Market: incoming and outgoing from/to Thailand Our customers: Government Service, Pharmaceutical, Gas Industry, Chemical Industry and very well-known private sector companies Group all year round: Average 25-30 groups Group size: Our normal group size from 20 up to 80 persons Who is behind the scenes of the company? Mr. Surasak Pholmafuang Managing Director Mobile : 66 86 8246847 Email : tourzanda@yahoo.com

          • Inbound(Overseas Buyer)AsiaJapan

            GROUP TOUR ONLY

            • Inbound(Overseas Buyer)AsiaChina



              Xi'an Spring International Travel Service Co., Ltd. was established in 1992. It was jointly established by the Shaanxi Provincial Foreign Economic Trade Commission and Shanghai Spring Travel Agency. It was approved by the National Tourism Administration to register and establish a tourist enterprise in the business administration department. It is one of the travel agencies that established the early, large-scale tourism industry in Shaanxi Province, organized and received the largest number of tourists. It is the founding unit of the China Spring Tourism Association and has been named the top ten travel agencies in Shaanxi Province for many years.

              • Inbound(Overseas Buyer)AsiaJapan



                [ WORLDoor ] Open the door of the world. Searching new business item. Tokyo, where new business ideas are emerging quickly The leading city in Asia, Hong Kong Entrepreneurial tour guided by immigrants

                • Inbound(Overseas Buyer)AsiaViet Nam


                  84 97-376-7670

                  Our company is Jeju Air Vietnam sale and Marketing all must .

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                    • Inbound(Overseas Buyer)AsiaJapan

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